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Helpful Videos

Browse our videos below to help answer commonly asked build-related questions.

Patio Kits Direct : How to measure 

Projection x Length x Height

How to measure a Freestanding Alumawood Kit 

How to Measure your L shape patio cover  "Break at the house"

 How to Measure a standard attached patio cover kit.

How to meaure my solid/lattice  Combination Patio Cover kit 

How to meausre a L Shape Patio cover kit - "Break At The Beam"

Patio Kits Direct : Choosing a style of cover

Do it yourself Solid NON islauted patio cover kit  "Newport"

 Do it yourself  Alumawood Combination Patio Cover Kit  solid / lattice 

Do it yourself Solid Insulated patio cover kit  "Max panel "

 Do it yourself Alumawood Lattice Laguna Patio cover kit 

Patio Kits Direct :  FAQ and Options 

Is it Noisy under my Solid Alumawood Patio Cover Kit ? 

 How to choose Alumawood Colors for your do it yourself patio cover kit

 How to choose between Single Beam VS Double Beam

Alumawood Insulated vs Non insulated patio cover kit 

How to choose Alumawood End caps/ Tails for your DIY Patio cover kit

 How to choose between Standard Post VS Fiberglass Columns

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