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Alumawood vs. Real Wood

  • Looks like wood, with the durability and resilience of Aluminum
  • Will not rot, mildew, grow mold etc.
  • Will not burn
  • Will not warp
  • Will not attract termites
  • Paint won't Peel, paint is baked into the material - long lasting
  • Requires little to NO maintenance
  • Lasts for decades
  • Better for the environment by protecting our nation's forests
  • Costs less than wood when you factor in cost of maintenance
  • Most durable material for patio covers
  • Strongest warranty in the business - limited lifetime warranty
  • Backed by a business that will be here tomorrow

See here for information on Alumawood Care and Maintenance

  • Easily damaged by weather and improper care
  • Rots, mildews, grows mold, especially in heavy rainfall areas
  • Burns easily
  • Wood will warp
  • Will attract termites
  • Paint typically peels especially in dry environments
  • Requires expensive yearly touch-ups
  • Very high maintenance
  • Usually replaced [with aluminum] after 5-10 years
  • Poor environmental impact depleting national forests
  • Wood is becoming a thing of the past for patio covers!


Real Wood



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