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___ Ladder

___ Hammer
___ Measuring Tape
___ Crescent Wrench

___ Socket Wrench
___ Level
___ Caulking Gun

___ Carpenter's square
___ Electric drill/ Variable Speed drill
___ 1/2 " Hole Saw

___ Drill Bits: 1/8", 5/16"

___ Hex Head Drivers
___ Hammer Drill
___ Hammer Drill Masonry Bit: 3/8"
___ Chop saw or electric jig saw (fine toothed blade for sawing metal)
___ Metal snips/ Tin Snips
___ Heavy duty Carpenters Pencil for marking

___ 2"x8" Douglas Fir #2 or better  (for ledger board) - do not use compressed wood


___ Stud finder

___ Protective Gloves/ Glasses

___ Chalk

___ Sae Socket Set (Magnetic Tip) and shank

​Tools​ Needed

Patio Kits Direct supplies all the product and materials needed for building your cover, down to the nuts and bolts! All you need to do is make sure to have all of the following tools ready for building your Kit. Print our checklist below to begin preparing, and use the links below to understand what each tool is.

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