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How to DIY with Patio Kits Direct​​

Building your dream Patio Cover is easy by simply following instructions and ordering the right kit and tools. DIY can help cut the costs of labor, saving you money! By Doing-It-Yourself with Patio Kits Direct, you can be assured that you will get the job done with our easy-to-use building manual and available email and phone support. Our kits have been built by many different people and you can do it too!

Step 1:


​1. Choose your Type of Patio Cover - Solid, Lattice, or Combination; Insulated Roof Panels

2. Choose your Attachment Style - Attached or Free Standing

3. Choose your Customizable Details - Color, End Cap​ Style, Light/Fan Wiring, Posts/Columns


​Step 2:​



1. Consider all locality-specific Engineering Factors - Snow load, wind factor etc. for your area.

2. Print Out your KIT Engineering Packet to present to the Building Department

2. Get your housing Plot Map - a Map of your house structure and neighboring properties

3. Apply for a Permit

Step 3:


1. Order a Pre-Fabricated KIT from our Shopping Cart (on homepage)

2. -Or- Get a FREE Quote for a more Custom Cover​

3. Kit will arrive in 2-3 Weeks (Tracking # provided)



Step 4:​​


1. Get all necessary Tools and Equipment

​2. Install Ledger Board (directions available in building instructions)

Step 5:​


1. Receive your KIT and start building!

2. Use Building Instructions provided with your KIT.

3. Email or call us for support in your DIY efforts.


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